NBCTK: Naive Bayes Clustering Toolkit

NBCTK (Naive Bayes Clustering Toolkit) is a C implementation of several probabilistic inference algorithms related to naive Bayes clustering — probabilistic clustering based on a naive Bayes model.


Version 0.7 was released on May 2, 2011 new!


NBCTK receives a dataset in tabular format with discrete (nominal) and continuous (numeric) values, and performs the following tasks:

We can switch the underlying learning framework to ML (maximum likelihood), MAP (maximum a posteriori) or VB (variational Bayes), according to the data of interest. NBCTK also has additional features:


Old versions are available from here.


Please follow the instructions described in the manual.


NBCTK is distributed under the modified BSD license.

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Contact information

This software is developed by Yoshitaka Kameya. NBCTK is still under development, so any feedbacks are highly welcome. Please feel free to send e-mails to ykameya[at]meijo-u.ac.jp (please replace [at] with @).

Last update: Apr. 5, 2015