PRISM: PRogramming In Statistical Modeling

License agreement of the PRISM system 1.11 and 1.12

The users of the PRISM system version 1.11 and 1.12 are required to agree to the following license terms:


The PRISM system ("the Software") is built on top of B-Prolog
(, which is provided by Afany Software.  The
Software is developed subject to the C source code license of B-Prolog
( and distributed with the permission
from Afany Software.

The PRISM development team, which consists of the members from Tokyo
Institute of Technology and from Afany Software, hereby grants a
non-exclusive and non-transferable license to the person who uses the
Software ("the User"), subject to this agreement.

1.  RELATION WITH B-PROLOG.  The Software consists of the standard
routines of B-Prolog ("the B-Prolog part") and the extensional routines
by the PRISM development team ("the PRISM part").  The User must agree
that the use of the B-Prolog part is also restricted by the license
agreement of B-Prolog with the exception stated in Paragraph 4.

2.  RIGHT TO USE.  The User may use the Software provided that the User
has right to use B-Prolog according to the User's license agreement of
B-Prolog.  Given the license agreement of B-Prolog as of the release date
of the Software, the User may use the Software free of charge for academic
and non-commercial purposes, and must purchase a license for other use.

3.  SOURCE CODE.  The User may obtain the source code (written in C and
Prolog) of the PRISM part from the PRISM development team, along with
the patch file to the C source code of B-Prolog, provided that the User
has obtained the C source code license of B-Prolog from Afany Software.
The User may modify the source code of the Software subject to the C
source code license of B-Prolog.

4.  DISTRIBUTION.  Despite the restriction of the C source code license
of B-Prolog, the User may distribute the Software modified according
to Paragraph 3 ("the Modified Software"), only for non-commercial
purposes, provided that (a) no modification is made to the source code
of the B-Prolog part, (b) the Modified Software is distributed only in
binary form, and (c) the Modified Software is distributed along with
this agreement.  For the purposes of this paragraph, applying the patch
file which the User obtained according to Paragraph 3 is not considered
as modification.  The User may not distribute the Software or the Modified
Software in any other cases.

5.  COPYRIGHT.  The B-Prolog part is copyrighted by Afany Software and the
PRISM part is copyrighted by the PRISM development team.  The Software
contains several public domain modules as listed in the B-Prolog's
manual and the implementation of Mersenne Twister copyrighted by its
authors (, and
some portion of code in the PRISM part is based on the SPECFUN library
available in the NETLIB repository (  The User
ownes the copyright for the modified part of the Software according to
Paragraph 3.

6.  NO WARRANTY.  The Software is provided "as-is", without any warranties
express or implied.  The User may report any defects of the Software to
the PRISM development team, but there is no guarantee for those defects
to be fixed.  The User who purchased a license from Afany Software might
receive a warranty according to the license agreement of B-Prolog,
only when the defects obviously originate from the B-Prolog part.
Neither Afany Software nor the PRISM development team is responsible
for any damages caused by the use of the Software.

Last update: August 31, 2009